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Rocky Burke

Community-Focused, Service-Driven.

As a lifelong public safety professional with 48 years of experience in Charleston County, I am excited to announce my candidacy for Sheriff, as a Republican Party member. I have served in various public safety roles, including the N. Charleston Fire Department, N. Charleston Police Department, Charleston County Police Department, St. John’s Fire Department, St. Paul’s Fire District, Mt. Pleasant Fire Department, Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, and Folly Beach Department of Public Safety.

My top priority as Sheriff will be to ensure the safety of all communities in Charleston


I am committed to working with municipal, county, and state officials to ensure that public safety agencies have the policies, funding, and resources necessary to effectively handle emergency services related to acute incidents and chronic issues such as homelessness, mental health, and civil unrest. I strongly believe in collaboration and teamwork, and as Sheriff, I will ensure that law enforcement, fire service, and EMS work together as a cohesive team to protect our community from criminals.


We will invest in crime prevention programs, increase patrols, and collaborate with other law enforcement agencies to maximize our resources and effectively address public safety concerns. I also recognize the importance of providing safe and secure learning environments for our children. As Sheriff, I will work with school officials and law enforcement agencies to provide increased security measures and resources to our schools, including school resource officers and emergency preparedness plans.

Finally, I understand that mental illness and substance abuse issues are often at the root of criminal behavior. Therefore, I am committed to investing in prevention and treatment programs to address these underlying issues. I will work with community leaders and mental health professionals to develop programs that support mental health and address the root causes of crime.

I hold a Master's Degree in Public Administration (University of Charleston/University of South Carolina), Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice (Shaw University), and an Associates in Public Service (Trident Technical College), I have the knowledge and
expertise necessary to serve as Sheriff with integrity and professionalism. I am committed to ensuring the safety of our community, and I ask for your support in the upcoming Republican Primary Election (June 11th, 2024). Together, we can work to make Charleston 
County a safer place for everyone.


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